Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm finished and yet now I'm just getting started.

This week saw the completion of one of insert sets from last year.  I finally got the last 3 Kimball Champions I needed for the complete 150 card set.  Whew.

I'm still trying to finish the 2011 Topps Football Bowman mini insert set  and of course I decided like everybody else to collect his years 87 mini set.  I also really like the Gold Standard insert so I'm going to put the base set of that together too.

I also finally collated my base set and I need about 20 more.  I'm not too worried, I've got at least a blasters worth of cards coming as my prize from Brian at Play at the Plate for winning his latest contest.

But feel free to peruse my want list.  I'm trading all the other inserts other than 87 minis and Gold Standards, but I do have a few doubles already and they'll go in the trade pile too.  After I get my last blaster I'll put a trade post of of all the inserts for trade.  I also have a nice stack of base to help fill holes in anyone's set.  I don't know if I'm going to take the time to type out a list of what I have though.

On a side, side note, and this is the last I will mention it, maybe.  All the prizes to the 2nd Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web have been mailed.  So Colbey, Kyle, and Pat be on the lookout for those. I put a little bonus in with each one too.

Everybody have a great weekend.  I've got a busy weekend of Poker and building a raceable outhouse.

cb out


  1. I haven't collated any of my 2012 Topps yet, but I'll be happy to help you w/ the '87 minis once I do make my list. Perhaps you can help me w/ filling in the holes in the base set.

  2. Absolutly let me know when you get a need list up or just email me what you need Colbey.