Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm in overload.

I don't have cable which is a good thing, at least I think so.  So I can't watch ESPN or any of the other sports channels, but I do listen to ESPN radio on the ride home and of course surf the web.  I just can't take it anymore right now.  I'm in Braun overload.  I just keep hearing the same old sound bites, with no corroborating evidence, no sources, and I'm tired of the word TECHNICALITY, I'm tired of the rumors, I'm tired of the haters that no explaination will satisfy, the fake screenshots of FedEx account pages, and I'm tired of not knowing the truth.  I've read the transcripts from Braun's interview today, I've read the opinions,  and I've not come to a conclusion, but I have my own opinion.  And I am incredibly bias as a Brewers fan. But it's going to have to wait.  I'm putting myself in the sensory deprivation tank for a while.

Oh and I'm mailing packages today for those of you I worked a trade out with.  Be on the lookout. Oh and Captain Canuck I have your package ready as well, just need you to send me an address.

cb out

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