Friday, February 17, 2012

Topps Gold Rush Wrapper Redemptions are Live and shiny! And a checklist.

I'm sure most of you have noticed that the Topps Gold Rush Wrapper Redemptions are starting to go live now on ebay.  I haven't gotten my pack yet, but I'm hoping I do before I leave on vacation in a few weeks.

Here's what the base looks like.

There are also autos in the this product.  I'm not sure if the whole set is paralleled with an auto version or just certain players.  Here's a couple I found online.

I can't tell for sure but they almost look hard signed.  That would be a big boon if they were.

I also spent a morning perusing ebay and put together the 50 card checklist to submit over at Trading Card Database so members could start added photos.  Here it is.

 1 Albert Pujols
 2 Adrian Gonzalez
 3 Albert Belle
 4 Allen Craig
 5 Aroldis Chapman
 6 Brandon Phillips
 7 Brandon Belt
 8 Brett Gardner
 9 Nelson Cruz
 10 Carl Yastrzemski
 11 Carlos Gonzalez
 12 Jay Bruce
 13 Chris Young
 14 Clayton Kershaw
 15 Dan Uggla
 16 Daniel Hudson
 17 Danny Espinosa
 18 Edgar Martinez
 19 Felix Hernandez
 20 Willie Mays
 21 Frank Thomas
 22 Jordan Zimmerman
 23 Ian Kinsler
 24 Tony Gwynn
 25 Jason Motte
 26 Jemile Weeks
 27 Jered Weaver
 28 Jesus Montero
 29 Joe Mauer
 30 Mariano Rivera
 31 Jhonny Peralta
 32 Tommy Hanson
 33 Josh Hamilton
 34 Andre Ethier
 35 John Smoltz
 36 Matt Kemp
 37 Miguel Cabrera
 38 Mitch Moreland
 39 Roy Halladay
 40 Ryan Braun
 41 Dennis Eckersley
 42 Ryne Sandberg
 43 Salvador Perez
 44 Starlin Castro
 45 Tim Hudson
 46 Tim Lincecum
 47 Sandy Koufax
 48 Warren Spahn
 49 Yovani Gallardo
 50 Hank Aaron

I've got 2 Brewers to chase it seems.


  1. I actually got mine today and I mailed out the wrappers on Saturday. Ultra quick from Topps. I didn't get an auto, they seem tough pulls but I did get a Willie Mays, which made me happy. Good luck with your pack!

  2. These cards look like they're dying for the Dufex treatment. Seems like that would really make them pop. I hope to see my two packs soon.

  3. hello! i have never done a mail-in redemption - what do i do? just put the wrappers in an envelope? and where do i mail them? (is it on the pack? or do i go to the topps website?)

    1. Hey Kev I sent you an email with the how too.

    2. Hey Cynical can you let me know how. What i really need to know is do i need to supply an envelope for topps to mail the cards back.

    3. Nope, Topps will send it in their own mailer, and usually with delivery confirmation, although they don't tend to share that with you. Just make sure you provide a good mailing address with all the wrappers.