Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Topps Wrapper Redemption - A Brief How To - plus bonus rant!

Since I posted about the 2012 Topps Gold Rush Wrapper Redemption I've had a couple of readers ask exactly how the redemption process works with the wrappers and while I don't consider myself the authority on anything really, I figure I'd make a quick post for those interested.

First, if you have wrappers you want to redeem... DO IT NOW!  The redemption window closes on Feb. 29th!!! And that date is fast approaching. 

You need 14 Jumbo wrappers or 50 regular wrappers to get a free pack of the Gold Rush cards.  I haven't heard if you could substitute a jumbo pack for a regular pack, but I'd say probably not.  You'd have to ask Topps that question.

So you have a stack of wrappers you want to send in.  Topps says they encourage you to send all your wrappers bundles at once.  The address to send them too is:

Gold Rush
PO Box 2008
Duryea, PA 18642

You have to send in the wrappers, this is totally different from their online redemption process for redemption cards you pull from products.

Second make sure you include your Name and mailing address with the wrappers. Printing it on a 3x5 index card works really well.  No need to include a letter, Topps knows why your sending the wrappers in, so a nice legible address is all you need. 

No need to worry about sending in a SASE either.  Topps will ship all packs in a bubble mailer and the package usually has delivery confirmation, at least all the fulfillment packs I've gotten from Topps have.  That way if you call in Topps they can look up where your package is. 

If your lucky you might get something like this.  But don't hold your breath.

All this being said it sucks that those that don't have access to a hobby shop couldn't participate, but I guess you always have the option of buying hobby boxes from online retailers.  Second it doubly sucks that Topps increased the number of packs you needed to submit.  Last year all you needed were the packs from either a Jumbo or a regular hobby box. This year you have to buy at least a box and a half to get in on this promotion.  I realize Topps is a business and this is a business move geared to get me to buy more packs, but this time it backfired.  I have for the past few years bought 2 jumbos and tried to complete two sets.  But since Topps decided to get greedy I only bought my one Jumbo and 4 more packs to get in the Gold Rush Wrapper Redemption.  In essence Topps and the hobby shop I buy from  lost out on about 60 extra dollars it would have got from me,

Will Topps have another wrapper redemption in Series 2 and Update?  Who knows?

But remember.... MAIL YOUR WRAPPERS NOW!!!!!  You only have a week left!!

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  1. and if anybody needs them, I've got 5 regular wrappers I could PWE to you. Send me an email...
    username (at) cox (dot) net

  2. i also have one regular hobby wrapper i could send someone.

  3. julio7---I'm glad that I found your site. This is the only place I could find the mailing address for the wrapper redemption. Thanks!

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