Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just what you were waiting for another 2012 Topps Jumbo Box break and Review.

Man I finally found time to scan some stuff in. Last Friday I finally got to pick up my Jumbo box and I also grabbed 4 extra packs of Jumbos so I could send them in for the wrapper redemption.  I normally would probably have purchased two Jumbos and tried to put two base sets together, but seeing as Topps had to get greedy and make me buy 4 extra packs for the wrappers screw it.  I still might pick up another box, but I'm going to wait till the wrapper redemption is over and prices hopefully go down.  Lets talk about the cards, the inserts and then I'll get to the hits.  If you're sick of all the 2012 talk just skip down to the bottom to see the good stuff.

Lets take a look at the base design.

There's been quite a bit of hate running around the card world lately, but I really don't find the design that bad.  I kinda like it.  I think it was the Night Owl who coined the term surfboard for the name plate.  I'm glad Topps didn't go too overboard with foil and while the foil doesn't scan very well with the black bar there, in hand they aren't that bad at all.  Great photograph like we've come to expect from Topps.

A much simpler back design this year.  The team name and position are kinda hard to read under the player name.  The one thing I do like is the large number in the upper right hand.  I've said this before, but as a set builder this is key.  It makes collating cards and filling holes in boxes so much easier and you don't have to squint to see it.  But really the backs are kind of a let down from last years.

Here are a few more base fronts with some cool photos.

Now on to the inserts.  I don't know if I'm going to just be rehashing what everybody else is already saying or  be able to come up with any new insights but here we go.
First up we have the Golden Moments Parallels.  Seems confusing to have these called GM parallels and then have a whole other inserts set called Golden Moments, but I didn't name them.  Topps got rid of the numbered Golden Parallels, they still have the Blacks parallels that are numbered and from what I've seen they've gone back to foil stamping them instead of that crappy black printed stamp they used the last couple of years.  I didn't pull any black parallels, but the Gold's look nice. Not as nice or as sparkly as last years diamond parallels, but still nice.

Seems like Topps in the last few years has to have one big insert that runs through all three series.  This year that insert is Golden Moments.
This is pretty much a replacement for last years Topps 60 and the year befores Peak Performance.  And there has been a lot of criticism that Topps has been designing all of it's base designs to fit it's relic and auto cards.  But I can remember when everybody use to bitch the other way how the base cards weren't set up to be relic cards and the relic versions looked terrible.  I think what most people have a problem with is that Topps doesn't design an insert to be just an insert.  They instead design a card they don't have to redesign and can make relic and auto parallels of without having to tweak it.  I can understand this from a production stand point. It lowers cost and reduces time spent in design.  But seems so lazy.  And I think that is the biggest bitch I've heard. We've had 3 years now of Topps exclusivity and some of their designs just seem lazy.

But that being said I don't hate this design.

The last couple years Topps has also seemed compelled to add a duos card to each set.  This started off with
2010 Legendary Lineage cards and then 2011 Diamond Duos.  This year we have Timeless Talents.

I also like this design. Much better over the last two years.

The Classic Walk-Offs inserts is a  nice idea. But looking at the card it's obvious that this probably didn't need to have a base card the design is set up to be a relic and/or an autograph card.  But I do like the team photo in the auto space. It would have been nice for a different photo and not just a close up of the upper photo down below.

The Gold Futures card is another card where the base just seems kinda blah.  Through a nice piece of jersey or better yet a nice patch in where the logo is this would be a hell of a card.  Reminds me of a few Upper Deck designs.

I don't mind this card at all I wished they had made this look more like the Gold Standard cards and foiled the medal but this is the least overdesigned card of the inserts I think.  There are relic versions of this card and there will be auto relic versions too, but all of those are redemptions from what I've seen on eBay.
Have I bitched enough yet?  Ok on to the two inserts I probably will be collecting and I that I really liked.

First, I have an oddball obsession, so the 87 mini's suck me right in.  Also take in the fact that the 87 set was the first one I tried to put together as a kid and I'm hooked.  The last 3 years Topps has included a retro insert set.  2009 and 2010 it was Turkey Red inserts, last year Kimball Champions, and it just seems odd to jump from turn of the century tobacco cards to 87 Topps.  But I'll tell you what,  I like it.  They look great and are printed on that old cardboard stock I use to love so much.

Every once in a while Topps gets it right.
My other favorite set is the Gold Standard.
I have no idea how Topps gets away with this, seeing as Panini has had a Gold Standard brand already out, but it works. And while it's obvious where the auto sticker goes and even a relic on here. The gold foil stamp and  the marble texture really makes a nice card.  I'm really hoping that my favorite player gets a card in this set in Series 2 or Update.  I've seen a Willie McCovey Auto Patch on eBay and it's pretty sweet.

OK you suffered through my obligitory review.  Lets see the good stuff.  I lucked out and ended up pulling two of the hits from my 4 other packs I had to buy to be able to do the wrapper redemption.

Never heard of Peralta, but then again I'm not really a Tigers fan.
Neil Walker auto. Another guy I know absolutely nothing about, and I'm too lazy to google him.

Hey I know of this guy!! Nice squiggle there Chris.

It's sad to say, but my best two hits were the manufactured relics.

I was hoping to pull a pin card too, I've heard they're pretty sweet as well, but I ended up with two Retired Rings.

These cards are pretty awesome in person.  I didn't know what to think the first time I saw a couple in box breaks, but pulling one of these is sweet.  They're super think.  Thicker than even the Sweetspot toploaders I had.  I'm not sure if they make a top loader or case thick enough for these yet.  And they're heavy.  There is a noticeable weight to these cards.  Whether or not they're as heavy as the 6 or 7 cards they displace, I don't know. So it's possible that pack searchers might have a field day with these.  I'm not sure what the rings are made out of. Some type of metal.  Probably tin or aluminum given a bronze or golden finish.  And while the cards are numbered to 736,  at least this year they are numbered.  

Over all not a bad break.  But is this set game changing? No.  Pretty much par for the course for Topps.
There is no real innovation.  Most of the inserts are rehashes from previous years inserts.  Some of the inserts seem to be blatant rip offs of other companies designs.  The ring and pin cards are nice and are the bright spot in the set for me.  Even if they are manufactured "hits", they're still pretty cool.  There are sketch cards again this year. Nice, but already done, nothing new there.  The gold infused cards seem cool, but this too has been done.  I haven't actually seen one.  And searching on ebay is like a needle in a haystack when every inserts has gold or golden in the name, plus it's quite possible that the gold infused cards are redemption only.   

With all that it's still the flagship set. A set builders staple.  And while Topps adds SP's to the set they aren't necessary to complete a base set like in Heritage or Allen and Ginter.  I don't think there's anything to be overly estatic about, but also I don't see any reason to hate it either.  This is flagship Topps here. I'll be interested to see what comes out of the wrapper redemption packs and who's in the Prime 9.  I kinda think those redemptions are kind of a joke.  I redeemed my 2 from last year and then the dealers just started giving  away full sets when you bought a box.  They are a nice set, but I was all worried about making sure I hit my LCS during the time marked on the card.  It wasn't necessary at all and we'll have to see if it is this year.  Oh and I did pick up two Prime 9 cards as well.  

I didn't see an damaged cards. I got all my hits from my Jumbo plus two bonus from my 4 extra packs.  I also got 14 code cards. I'm not sure if I'm going to redeem or sell or trade.  From what I've read it seems like it's going to be like the football codes and that really doesn't interest me, but who knows. I'm not sure when the website will be up.  But I'll have decided by then.  

The only inserts I'm planning on keeping are the 87 Mini's, the Gold Standards and the ring cards.  The autos, relic and inserts are up for trade.  If you'd like to trade for them let me know.  There are 9 Brewers relic cards I'm trying to get.  I already have a McGehee coming, so anyone else is welcome. And I need some gold parallels. You can check out my set needs on my Help me Complete a set and my Brewers Team set needs pages.  I should have a 87 Mini need list up sometime this week and any base card needs.  I haven't collated yet, but I'm hoping to find sometime this week to put the set together and see if I need anything.  Plus I'm sure I'm going to have lots of extras.

Edit:Oh I forgot to add the one insert that's missing that I'm thrilled is missing.  ToppsTown in no where to be seen this year.  Hooray!!!!!!
Whew.  Alright CB out.


  1. nice, detailed and descriptive post - i appreciate the perspective...

  2. I'd like to trade for the Golden Jason Hammel. I didn't pull any Brewers gold from my two hanger boxes, but I do have a Jeremy Jeffress liquorfractor from 2011 if that interests you.

  3. I love seeing all of the box breaks and set reviews. I kind of phoned mine in because I'm going through another one of those stretches where it seems like I can't get any time for the blog.

    I like the design of the Golden Moments even though they were designed for relic placement. The regular versions of the card don't look terrible. I can't say the same about the walk-off cards though. That design suffers from having areas set aside for the auto and relic.

    I had good luck with the one extra jumbo pack that I bought for the wrapper redemption. I pulled a Jeremy Hellickson Gold Futures auto /15 that ended up selling for $40 which paid for part of my box.

    I absolutely love the manufactured relics. I pulled a Stan Musial pin out of my box and bought a David Ortiz pin on eBay. Topps knocked it out of the park with the pins, rings and coins. Auction prices on eBay show that collectors love them. These cards are selling for a lot more than most of the relics and autos that you could normally pull out of the Flagship product.

  4. hey hiflew, I'm alwasy up for a trade. Let me look through my inserts I might have a few other Rockies for you too, and I know I have an extra Tulo 87 Mini I'll set aside for you too.

  5. I need that Moreland Gold. And you'll get the Gallardo relic I pulled when I mail you the Feb. prize.