Saturday, December 11, 2010

Abe Vigoda TTM Success Kinda

I guess I coulda called this post, hazards of sending autograph request to really old people.

I sent these two customs to another one of my favorite actors about 3 months ago.

I got these back in the mail today. I was surprised to say the least.  I was really confused too because you'll notice that neither one is signed.  It really struck me as odd that they sent them at all and some one had even put a piece of cardboard in with the cards to keep them from getting bent.  Then I took a closer look at the backs and saw this.

Neatly signed right under the SSS-2.

I've stopped numbering my cards preferring to just have a little label up there as an identifier.
I also hadn't planned on sending 2 cards but I had done one and decided to change some things on the card and then decided to throw both of them in the envelope when I sent it out. 
Here are the stats

Date Sent: 8/20/10 (same time as I sent my Betty White)
Date Returned: 12/11/10

Address used
Abe Vigoda
190 East 72nd St. Apt 158
New York, NY 10021

I really like Abe's autograph I only wish he'd have figured out to sign it in the oval on the front.  I had the same trouble with Eli Wallach, but in both instances I'll still take it. 
Now the only other request I have out is to author Tom Wolfe.  I have a few more in the works but I'm going to wait till I move into my new house.  I have to say I've been pretty lucky this year with TTM.  Only Bob Eucher and the Pawn Stars didn't sign there customs but in both instances I still got something from both.

cb out

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  1. That is really sweet! I grew up watching Fish! Abe was da man! Have you had much success with others as well?