Monday, December 20, 2010

I have destroyed the world again!

What's this button for...? ooops.
I wanted to post a picture of my new house and how utterly disorganized and cluttered it is right now, but since my camera is on the blink and you can't take a very good photo of a room with a scanner it looks some thing like a mix from the above picture and an episode of Hoarders. 
Needless to say that if we have talked about a trade or if anything is in the works it might be a while.  At least longer than I planned.  That being said I've only been in the house 2 days and I'm working on getting my old apartment cleaned so I can try and get the most $$$ back from my deposit so luckily I  have two 4 day work weeks coming up and no family up here to worry about going over for Christmas or New Years so I might get a little done.  My fiance and I have decided that the house was a gift to both of use from both of us and that's cool I'm still going to get her something nice.  Still need to find a little something for the rest of the family down south and the clock it ticking.  On a brighter note the Packers back up QB looked good and so did most of the Pack right up until they blew it and of course not tackling a 300 pound lineman.  But if the Bears lose tonight we still have a shot.  Barely. 

There are a few contest running around the Blogoteria and the latest I've found is from our good friend the Bacony Collective Troll.  Trolls going to be a grandaddy, can you believe that and he wants you to guess the time he officially gets old. I mean the time the baby is born.

cb out.

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