Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some of my redemptions come in.

I had a nice little mail day yesterday.  I picked up a new Yount and a new Reggie. And I had started to see other postings of the Red Hot Rookies showing up so it wasn't too big of a surprise to see these in my mailbox.  I'm still waiting on my Strasburg which according to the Topps redemption site was shipped with confirmation number and I'm assuming certified.

Well over the course of box buying and pack ripping I picked up 4 redemptions.  Two #5's, Starlin Castro, who had such an unfortunate end to his season and a #6 Logan Morrison.  And I also got a #8 which is Strasburg.
And it wouldn't be 2010 Topps if one of these wasn't damaged.  Take a gander at the middle Castro.  See that little fleck on the upper right hand corner.  No that's not from the top loader that's a nick in the card.

I think I'm going to keep the other 2 for the time being but if anyone would like to trade for the middle one let me know.  You can get it cheap.


Well before I published this post look who wandered into my mailbox.

A Straschrome. I would assume that this and possibly the Heyward and Posey are the  most valuable of the Red Hots.  A quick search of ebay showed these going for about 20 bucks or so already.


  1. Mine came today...I haven't opened it, but will be looking for damage. Topps can really blow it sometimes.

  2. I'd love to have the Castro. Shoot me an email, and we'll work out a trade.