Friday, December 10, 2010

ASSHATS and other douchery.


Not much to say today on the subject of Sports or Sports cards.  Although the Colts/Titans game was actually pretty tight.  Can I just say that the NFL network has the worst announcers EVER.   It brought back memories of college when we would watch Packer games and turn the volume down on the TV and turn on the Packer Radio network and listen to Max McGee and Jim Irwin get drunk on the radio calling the game.  I can even remember hearing glasses clinking in the back ground.  Those were the days.  Anyways I decided not to rant about the latest home buying situation that has me pissed off.  Instead I posted it over at my rant blog 13 Tenets of Cynicalbuddhism.  If your interested.

And on a positive note I made it into the playoffs of my fantasy football league.  Of course I'm playing against a guy who soundly beat me last time we played and his starting QB in Aaron Rodgers.  Damn.  OK pack nothing but rushing TD Sunday. 

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  1. YES!!!! Thank you!! I was saying the same thing about the NFL Network announcers last week. It sounds like you're watching some random high school football game on the local cable access channel!