Monday, December 6, 2010

Topps Week 13 Rookie Redemption Predictions or nonpredictions

As I sit here wondering who could be Topps' week 13 pick, one name jumps out but every time I think there going to give it to who I pick this week. Well I would pick Chris Ivory who is honored this week with a eTopps card.
You can bet this card is shiny.
Unfortunately Mr. Ivory was Topps Week 6 pick.

So I'm going to tell you who is not going to get a Rookie Redemption card.
The unfortunate Dez Bryant who just had surgery to repair his fractured fibula.  Although he did have 1 catch for 14 yards and if this weeks uncarded rookies were that bad he might get one yet.  But he's out for the rest of the year so...
Tim Tebow doesn't have a card yet either but he didn't see any action this week so that would be lame to give it to him.  It makes me wonder though when the Broncs might give him a chance, as Orton really hasn't been doing a whole lot.  I was reading an article in this months Tuff Stuff with a story and interview with Tebow and the story is all about how waiting is the hardest part and with Orton revitalizing the team?  This article must have been written in week 4 before they went on there current slide.  Revitalizing the team with 3 wins I think there would be plenty of fans in Denver aching to see what the rookie could do.  Although to be fair Orton is in the top 10 ranked QB's right now, but he is #10. 

Sorry, Sorry. 

So this week I have no guess but I will continue my updates when the player is announced. 

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