Thursday, December 30, 2010

Box Breaks Thoughts

How much you think that box of cards is worth?

Sorry I don't have any good pics to put up so I'll just steal some.

I have a problem at work. I can't watch videos that are posted on blogs or youtube.  And it got me thinking which is better for a box break post, a video or scans? 

Now to be honest I understand the use of video box breaks for group breaks, it's a form of proof of what was opened.  And most good bloggers will post the video and scans of the hits. 

I personally am a scan guy.  I want to know what you got but I don't want to sit through a 7 minute or longer video of you opening packs.  Sorry it's boring and then the video of the cards usually isn't all that good as well, lighting, blurry, ect.  Mainly what I'm looking for is if I want to try any of that product. Plus I don't want to have to try and upload a video of my own.  My video camera is old.

So I started, for my box breaks, a little protocol based off of some comments I've seen either on blogs or in the comment section of blogs.  A scan of some of the base cards usually with one card showing the back.
And then scans of the inserts and hits.  It doesn't usually make for a long posting unless you post every card separately.  Now I realize not everyone has a scanner.  A good photo will do too. 
I always kinda view box break posts as a little bragging anyway and why not.  It doesn't make me jealous when I see what you pulled out of a box or pack and I hope you don't think that of me.  Plus it lets people know what you might have to offer for trade.

As always thoughts and comments welcome and encouraged.


  1. I agree for the most part. I think videos suit high end boxes pretty well since there are usually only a few cards per box. Anything that is sub-$100 per box though is usually best with scans.

  2. That's a good point I do enjoy watching a product like Exquisite or Sterling being opened on video, but I would also like a nice scan of the cards the net cams don't do those cards justice.

  3. If you're doing a group break or opening one of those silly things where your "box" is really one pack with three or four cards in it, I can see why you'd video it.

    Otherwise, just scan the cards that are worth showing so we can actually see what they look like. I don't have the patience to watch the videos.

    (What really kills me are people that think someone wants to watch a video of them opening up a trade package or through-the-mail autograph request... sheesh.)

  4. I just started doing video again for my breaks, but I try to keep the video confined to boxes w/ guaranteed hits (and I rarely open stuff like that). Scans usually take longer, but I agree it's the better way to go for the same reasons you posted. I usually type up each pack's contents (along w/ scans of the inserts) which can make for a lengthy post. Does that make for a boring post or a informative post?

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