Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's in a name

Wow it's been a year.  Well over a year actually since I read my first sport's card blog and said damn I can do that too.  I like cards and I have lots of cards.  Now I've got 6 different blogs for various topics but the one that is near and dear to my heart is this one.  It's funny I was looking for a funny name for the blog and one that conveyed exactly how addicting sports card collecting can be.  It wasn't till after I decided on Collector's Crack that I discovered Ryan Cracknells Trader's Crack which sounded way to similar almost like I was ripping him off, which of couse I wasn't and I'm not.

The above picture is one I was thinking of using if I ever get around to revamping my blog look.  But blogger has terrible customization tools so who knows.  I had been saving up wrappers for months and then my fiance threw them all out so I was stuck using the wrappers from 3 boxes I had recently broken and one pack of Tribute, which is to date the most expensive pack I  have ever bought.  I had to do it once.  You'll notice there's National Chicle, Topps Football and Score football in the pile that's it.  Maybe I'll try the experiment over after I move into the new house.

But after I thought about it a while the name Collector's Crack could have other meanings.  I though maybe I could think of it as my secret little hideout, hole in the wall, level 3 dungeon, ect. 

Then I thought this might make a good logo.

Who know maybe I'll find a way to use both.

Or even better this one.
Get's my screen name in there too!  Almost looks like a movie poster.  Any votes?

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