Monday, December 6, 2010

My wrapper redemptions come in.

Well I had a few bubble mailers in the mail box this Friday and one of them is that distinctive Topps Fulfillment envelope, but different.  And inside was a slim foil pack.  My wrapper redemption pack had arrived and unfortunatly it didn't have green varations or auto's or Jason Heward, Buster Posey, or Stephen Strasburg.

My 3 refractor variants were.....

Lou Gehrig, Carlos Santana, and Mike Stanton.

And the backs.

I'm pretty sure I've seen this exact same pack posted around the blogotopia, so it looks like there is no collation in the packs.

Nice and shiny though.

cb out.


  1. Counting myself, you are the 3rd person I've seen post the exact same pack results! I'm beginning to wonder if everyone is getting these 3 cards now.

  2. Hey colbey,
    yeah I knew I'd seen similar posts with the exact same cards. I wonder if anyone is getting anything different.