Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finally Proof God hates the Vikings

I got up a little late today and hurried to the bar for the Packer game which was not on local TV.  While sitting at the bar someone inquired which TV the Vikings game was on and someone next to me said that it's postponed due to the roof collapsing.  I chuckled because this was a Packer fan saying this and thought he was joking until I actually saw the news at halftime.  Wow.  Watch the video if you haven't.

Just proof that God and possibly the municipality of the Minneapolis hate the Vikings.  You know in LA they wouldn't even need a dome?

And worst game ever for the Packers losing to the Lion with a terrible score of 3-7. On the bright side I was playing Rodgers in my fantasy league on the negative side he's my teams freaking QB!!!
I had to stop at the LCS on the way home to pick up some solace.  I 'll post on that later maybe.

At least New England is handing the Bears their ass right now.  This might be the only game I root for the Pat's this season.

cb out.

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